Strategic Advisement
We can help to define a clear plan for the future, whether that be working from a blank canvas or by optimizing the existing framework that is already in place.  We specialize in iLottery, loyalty, portals, payments, mobile, digital games, analytics, keno and large-scale startups.

Program Management
Implementing digital strategies requires a versatile and experienced team in order to be successful.  We can help to manage aspects of your operations in a remote or embedded format, while leveraging our knowledge to accelerate your team’s growth.

Market Research
Our consultants are deeply involved in their areas of practice.  We can draw from our expertise to conduct market studies and performance evaluations  that help to inform decision making within your organization.

Procurement Assistance
We can assist with drafting a request for proposal (RFP) for your iLottery system, loyalty program, CRM database, digital marketing platform or related needs.  We will ensure that you acquire technology and services to meet your needs, while driving a fair process that results in low costs.