Danny Bogus



Danny Bogus
Founder and Principal Consultant

For more than 10 years, Danny Bogus has been at the forefront of the lottery industry, harnessing the power of digital to modernize lottery operations across both internet and retail channels.  Since founding the company in 2016, he has provided independent consulting services to six leading U.S. lotteries.

In 2014, Danny orchestrated the most successful iLottery startup in North America which set the Michigan Lottery on a path to realize more than $480 million in incremental profits over a projected eight year span. He reshaped the face of the organization by building the digital division into a 19-person operation over a seven year time span.

Danny has also been deeply involved in lottery modernization projects related to cashless payment systems, loyalty programs, analytics and player database systems, along with web and app programs.  His experience is both broad and deep in these categories, allowing him to assist lotteries with tremendous versatility.

Keno is another area of significant experience for Danny, having worked for several years as a sales representative recruiting and training bar and restaurant retailers, then as a product manager for Keno, and later as a digital expert launching one of the most successful Keno “To Go” rollouts in the country.

Danny has been a noted speaker at many industry conferences and was a recipient of the 2015 NASPL Powers Award in recognition for significant contributions made through exceptional job performance.  He also founded a thriving technology company, Gambyt, to provide digital solutions for the gaming industry.  Danny graduated from Michigan State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Advertising.