Dave Thompson




Dave Thompson
Systems Architecture Consultant

Dave specializes in infrastructure, enterprise architecture and disaster recovery.  He brings nearly 20 years’ experience in IT infrastructure design, IT application support, operations management, DR/BC planning, and data center design and relocations.
Dave excels in gathering, organizing, and digesting complex topics and communicating results through documentation, visual media, and presentation.  Dave’s abilities to ‘connect the dots’ are augmented by real-world data center and disaster response experience.
Dave works comfortably with individuals of any technical skillset and across teams of any function to understand requirements, gain consensus, and drive quality architectural output.  He understands the value of asking the right questions and digging deep into the answers to gain solid footing.
In working with a wide variety of clients, Dave frequently encounters new (and old) technology outside his area of knowledge.  Dave swiftly gains expertise in these systems through deep-dive learning and in consultation with subject matter experts.