Josh Fredette




Josh Fredette
Strategic Consultant

Josh has more than eighteen years of technical, operations, and management experience with a focus on managing large-scale IT projects within the government and private sectors.

For the past three years, Josh has been leading business and technology transformation at the Massachusetts State Lottery including a gaming system conversion, cyber security programs, audit programs, data center operations, and vendor management while managing a team of more than 20 executive consultants.

Prior to that, he led the recovery of the Massachusetts State Retirement System (servicing over 100K Commonwealth State Employees) which entailed brining a challenged project and system back on track to a successful launch with no impact to beneficiaries or current employees.

Josh has also led several Public Sector Enterprise implementations spanning multiple State agencies in both New York and Massachusetts.  He holds a masters in Engineering Management from the University of Massachusetts and a bachelors in engineering from SUNY Polytechnic Institute along with several professional certificates from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.